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Part-time PhD Programme



PART-TIME PROGRAMME is intended for candidates who work at the clinic and often lecture themselves. In order to offer these candidates a feasible scheme, we did our best so that the Programme should meet their needs as well. If announced in time (principally at the beginning of the academic year), it is possible to take a leave of absence or continue the lessons attendance. If not otherwise stipulated by law, the provisions in force at registration time will continue to apply to doctoral candidates in full-time programme (3 years).


Candidates and supervisors jointly decide on research topic until the end of the first year. Registered and approved project proposal is a guarantee that the candidate will complete the PhD programme and defend successfully his/her PhD thesis. The time passed from the application of the project proposal to the public defense of the thesis can be no more than 10 years. The candidate and the supervisor take the responsibility regarding any scientific discoveries made within that period of time which might put the authenticity of the registered PhD project proposal at risk. If discoveries should annul the innovativeness of the topic, the candidate shall register an addition to the previously registered PhD project proposal or a completely new proposal.


Possible prolongation for completion of doctoral thesis beyond the period of 7 years and appropriate procedure shall be stipulated by the School, i.e. the university in compliance with respective legal regulations.


Programme is adapted/suited for research: every candidate enrols 120 hours of structured classes during the first year (approximately 20 ECTS, which evenly divided amounts to 2-3 lessons per week), which as a rule take place after the working hours. In case of part-time programme this scope of commitment still leaves time for learning and research.