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PhD Day

As decided by the Faculty Council at an assembly held on September 20th 2011, the University of Zagreb School of Medicine shall organize a PhD Day every year as part of the PhD programme Biomedicine and Health Sciences. The PhD Day will be a day-long presentation of research results related to doctoral dissertations through poster presentations and published abstracts; a mandatory part of the course load for PhD candidates in their 2nd and 3rd year of studies in Biomedicine and Health Sciences.

The idea behind its introduction is to reduce the workload and reorganize the classes of doctoral studies in order to make them more effective and directly helpful in thesis development. PhD Day aims to promote transparency of doctoral studies, thereby enabling and improving exchange of research experiences of PhD candidates and mentors, as well as to provide an insight in the quality of work of doctoral candidates to all interested parties.

The Committee for Curriculums and Evaluation of Postgraduate Studies and the School of Medicine's Faculty Council estimated that preparation (poster design and writing of abstract) together with participation at the PhD Day equals 25 hours of classes. Therefore, it was decided that each participant would be awarded 4 ECTS points for participation.

The PhD candidates will present their research in the scope that had been carried out. If the research data are yet to be collected and/or there are still no preliminary results, the candidate will present his or her PhD thesis proposal in form of a poster.


The PhD Day in the academic year 2014/2015 will take place on the 22nd May 2015

Participation includes submitting the abstract, submitting the poster and presentation of the poster.

The application should be submitted to no later than 24th April 2015. The abstract should provide sufficient information to effectively convey the importance of the topic and research subject, as well as the appropriateness of the research design, results and conclusion/discussion.

Abstract is a succinctly written paragraph of text, easily understandable to a broader audience. It should consist of up to 350 words; not counting the title, candidate's name and surname, mentor's name and surname, and keywords. You should use Microsoft Word program, Times New Roman font, size 12 pt., with single line spacing.

PhD Committee will select a few best abstracts to be presented orally at the PhD Day. The authors of selected abstracts will be informed in due time.

Example of a structured abstract:

Name Surname of PhD Candidate
Title of Thesis: (if different from poster title)
Mentor(s): Name Surname of Mentor(s)
Acknowledgements: (financial support, contributors)
MeSH / Keywords:

All abstracts submitted for the PhD Day will be published in electronic form on the University of Zagreb School of Medicine web-page.

Poster written in English should be 90 cm wide, 120 cm long and include the following parts:

  1. Title of proposed PhD thesis
  2. Name and surname of PhD candidate; name and surname of mentor
  3. Introduction
  4. Aims of research
  5. Materials and methods
  6. Results
  7. Conclusion/Discussion

PhD candidates who do not have any results yet will present their research proposal in the following way:

  1. Title of proposed PhD thesis
  2. Name and surname of PhD candidate; name and surname of mentor
  3. Introduction
  4. Hypothesis
  5. Materials, subjects, methodology and research protocol
  6. Expected scientific contribution(value) of proposed research
  7. Aims of research

The PhD Day detailed program will be announced shortly!


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