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Methodological courses



METHODOLOGICAL COURSES, which are as a rule attended in the first year. Each student is required to choose 20 credits from this group.  The aim of these courses is to introduce students to basic principles of scientific research in general and to procedures and methods in certain areas of research. Although the students cannot really get a thorough knowledge of numerous and  diverse research methods and procedures, they become familiar /get  acquainted  with laboratories and other centres and will work with individual professionals dealing in specific areas who will be at their disposal in the future, in case they need an advice on these methods and procedures. An additional intent of this course is to relieve the student from the fear arising when faced with new methods and procedures, and to help them realize that they will be capable of coping with that when required to do so. These courses should not include more than 30 % of classes, whereas 70 % has to be covered by demonstrations and practicals. The lesser amount of structured teaching is compensated for by compulsory reference literature.  A manual has to be compiled for each of these courses (price included in the study fee) The courses are generally organised as integrated and include both pre-clinical and clinical (or health sciences related) ways of solving certain problems, since the borders between these areas in the field of scientific methodology are dissolving.

The list of available courses is here.