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Field related courses




FIELD RELATED COURSES are intended to introduce the candidates to scientific knowledge and problems arising in some narrow areas of research in biomedicine and health sciences.  Apart from broadening the candidate’s scientific horizons, the aim of these courses is to enable the candidate to follow with understanding the most recent scientific writings in this area of research. therefore, critical dicourse on various scientific issues (Journal Club) is an obligatory part of field related courses. They are attended in all three years of the programme, but usually after applying the project proposal.

The invitation for registration of filed related courses is permanently open and all lecturers at the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb are invited to register courses from their area of research. Other experts from Croatia or abroad who meet the legal requirements can register their courses as well. All course proposal are subject to an anonymous scientific double review. Our experience from 1998 until 2004 has shown that 70 to 80 p.c. of submitted proposals are approved, and most of them are amended or modified as requested by reviewers.

The list of available courses is here