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Elective fields

Elective fields


Although the main idea of the PhD programme is its interdisciplinary feature and therefore each student in agreement with his supervisor chooses courses according to his own interest out of those offered in the PhD programme, there is an open possibility of establishing elective fields of study as part of the PhD study. They are organized as follows:


     large organic systems

2       other large entities if not contradictory to 1 or not included in it.

3       exceptionally on the basis of specific important methodologies which cannot be classified /included under 1 or 2.

A precondition for the establishment of courses is that all the teaching of field related courses (i.e. that of the second and third years) can be organized within the field itself. It is, therefore, necessary that the field should include at least 40 credits from field related courses thematically linked to this field (according to the credit system currently applied that would be approximately 250 of teaching). If appropriate, one course may be part of two or more fields.

The fields are chosen in the second year of study.

Each field may recommend to students or even oblige them to attend and pass certain field related courses (although those courses are not part of the basic courses of the field).

Students are not obliged to enroll any of the proposed fields.

Students who choose to enrol a specific field have the right to attend 30% of the courses outside the field they have enrolled, based on their interests, subject matter of their research and in arrangement with their supervisor.

All students, regardless of whether they have enrolled a field or not, may choose single courses. (Restrictions regarding the enrolment of single courses or fields apply only to those students who have not graduated from a medical school.)

In order to improve the interdisciplinary character and extend the choice of contents, the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb may establish fields in cooperation with other medical schools (universities) and scientific institutions. This kind of cooperation is regulated by an agreement.

List of elective fields:

  •          MOLECULAR MEDICINE, organized in cooperation with the Ruđer Bošković Institute, coordinators Professor Krešimir Pavelić, MD PhD and Neven Žarković, MD, PhD, senior scientist
  •         NEUROSCIENCE, coordinator: Professor Ivica Kostović, MD, PhD
  •        ENDOCRINOLOGY, DIABETES AND METABOLIC DISEASES, coordinators: Professor Željko Metelko, MD, PhD, Professor Mirko Koršić, MD, PhD and Professor Marina Ivanišević, MD, PhD
  •         PUBLIC HEALTH, coordinator: Professor Luka Kovačić, MD, PhD
  •         HELTH CARE MANAGEMENT, coordinator: Professor Stipe Orešković, PhD
  •         TRANSPLANTATION MEDICINE, coordinator: Professor Boris Labar, MD, PhD