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 PhD programme is based on mentorship. The School of medicine has a considerable number of potential mentors, but mentors do not have to belong to the faculty of the School of Medicine. A mentor can be a person who:

  • has a PhD degree
  • holds at least the academic position of research associate or assistant professor
  • is a scientific project leader, or an associate at a scientific project

 We recommend course leaders of the PhD programme for mentors, but also provide information on scientific project leaders in Croatia and their publications. In keeping with the Zagreb Declaration and the decision of the Faculty Board, mentors cannot be the members of the Committee for the defense and appraisal of PhD thesis. According to the new criteria accepted by the PhD Board, mentors/course leaders have to have at least 3 scientific papers published in the last 5 years, among which at least one paper in CC with the impact factor more than 1, and two in the internationally indexed journals , which are also the requirements for PhD candidates before the public defense of their PhD thesis (with the exception that a mentor does not necessarily have to be the first author). Each mentor also has to have an abstract from an international scientific conference.