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Completion of the programme

Programme ends with a successful public defense of the PhD thesis.

Conditions for the completion of the PhD programme and the public defense of the PhD thesis are:

- consent of the mentor;

- at least one scientific paper published in WoS with the PhD candidate and his/her mentor being the authors; the paper has to be connected to the project proposal;

-positive evaluation of the PhD thesis by the PhD evaluation committee of the School of Medicine;

-attendance of the obligatory and elective courses, and all the exams passed.

All the reviewers of PhD thesis should be competent and independent from the PhD thesis, candidates and mentor, and in this sense it is recommended to include reviewers from other universities and countries.

Before the public defense of the PhD thesis, a PhD candidate has to submit the PhD thesis proposal (a condition of enrollment in the second year of the programme), attend the public discussion on the PhD thesis proposal and have it accepted by the Senate of the University of Zagreb (a condition of enrollment in the third year of the programme).