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1669 - Leopold I, Roman Emperor and Emperor of Austro-Hungary, issued a diploma by which he accorded the status and privileges of a university to the Jesuit Academy in the Royal Free City of Zagreb. This date marks the beginning of the history of the University of Zagreb, to be formally established two centuries later after a period of unremitting effort and struggle.

1671 - Leopold's Privilegium was confirmed by the Croatian Parliament, although with restricted authorities concerning the conferral of academic degrees.

1874 - When the Emperor Franz Joseph visited Zagreb in 1869, he signed an Article of Law concerning the establishment of the University of Zagreb, giving it his Royal Assent five years later, o­n 5 January 1874. According to this Law the University should have had four faculties: Law, Theology, Philosophy and Medicine. The first two faculties were formally organized, andthe Faculty of Philosophy started to expand into several independent faculties. Finally, in the academic year 1917-18, the Medical Faculty was founded.

Today, the University of Zagreb consists of 29 faculties, 3 art academies, and an ever growing number of professional studies. It has more than 52,000 students.
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