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prof.Stephen Hargarten, MD, MPH

utorak, 9. rujna 2014. u 14,00 sati
Predavanje je održano u sklopu suradnje MEFa i Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA


Stephen Hargarten, MD, MPH

Professor and Chair
Department of Emergency Medicine
Director, Injury Research Center
Associate Dean, Global Health


Stephen Hargarten received his MD from the Medical College of Wisconsin and an MPH from Johns Hopkins. He is Professor and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine and Associate Dean for the Global Health Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr. Hargarten serves as the Director of the Injury Research Center and is a member of its Education Core which is focused on the development of a model injury prevention and control curriculum integrated across all four years of the medical student curriculum, as well as the development of targeted injury prevention and control research training initiatives for medical and graduate students to prepare the next generation of injury research scientists.

Dr. Hargarten’s research interests reflect an intersection of injury prevention and health policy to address the burden of injuries. He was the first Chair of the state-wide Committee on Trauma System Development for the Wisconsin State Health Department. He serves as a Board Member of Advocates of Highway and Auto Safety and the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT). He is currently the immediate Past President of the Society for the Advancement of Violence and Injury Research (SAVIR). Dr. Hargarten was recently invited to join the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences.


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