Održana je AMSE 2009.
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Thursday, 11 June 2009
amseThe School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia, was delighted to host the 2009 Annual Conference of the Association of Medical Schools in Europe , which was occured on June 4-6, 2009.
The Conference brought together delegates from medical schools throughout Europe, and other experts in the field, for a lively and well-informed discussion on the topic of postgraduate education in medical schools. See photo gallery.
Today, medical schools are aware of their growing responsibilities in postgraduate education. Education in research and doctoral studies are clearly linked to the research function of the medical school: postgraduate specialist clinical education and training, as well as continuing professional development, are a continuation of undergraduate medical education, but in addition both are clinically and professionaly oriented.
In the framework of the European Higher Educational Area and the Bologna Process, it was of key importance to discuss what are the responsibilities of medical schools for providing postgraduate clinical, specialist and research education. The programme was consisted of series of oral presentations by prominent speakers, and of workshop sessions, aimed at developing constructive ideas in a collaborative expert environment.